One-on-one tutoring allow students to grow at their own pace while developing vital life skills. Traditional in-home tutoring, for a variety of academic courses, is favored by parents for their children  Having your son or daughter taught by a professional tutor will result in better grades and the development of important skills. 

Our Tutoring program can significantly help your child become more successful in their academic coursework. Our one-on-one method is particularly suited to students that are having problems in a specific area of study. The tutors at Sunshine Florida Tutoring have developed exclusive teaching strategies designed to assist your child in tackling difficult problems.

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“We are lucky to have found Sunshine Tutoring. They are responsible and show up on time and are consistent. We have worked with a couple of tutors and find them to be exceptional. My son went from a C to an A in Math. He is also tutoring for ACT/SAT and has made huge improvements in a short period of time. Highly Recommended!”

William Chance, Review from Google Plus

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At Sunshine Florida Tutoring, we will match you with a great tutor that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied after your first session, you can either ask for a refund or we will change the tutor. Simply give us a call within 24 hours after the session and tell us why you were dissatisfied.