The Florida Standard Assessments (FSA) is used to evaluate a student’s academic level according to Florida’s education standards. The FSA determines if the student is capable of progressing to the following grade level. Many students have difficulties adapting to the standards due to various reasons. As each student learns differently, whether they are  visual, tactile, or auditory learners, we can ensure that our tutors will assist the student in grasping the materials such as english and mathematics. Our tutors will provide different strategies and methods to tackle the FSA .

FSA Tutoring

“The team and tutors at Sunshine Florida Tutoring have been really helpful for my children and I’m really satisfied with their services. They take the time to understand your child’s need to help them achieve success.”

Sergio Bruzzechesse, Review From Google Plus

Our FSA Tutoring

The FSA test is administrated to students from 3-10 grades.

The length of the test depends on the subject and grade.

All FSA ELA Writing assessments are administered in one 120-minute test session.

All FSA ELA Reading assessments are administered over two days.

All FSA Mathematics assessments are administered over two days.

All FSA EOC assessments are administered over two days. It includes Algebra 1 & 2 as well as Geometry.

FSA test are computer based except for some subjects and grades.

Scores depends on the grade level and subject.


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